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Study abroad is a unique opportunity. Most students who study abroad report the experience as one of the most memorable of their undergraduate education. Exposure to new cultures, languages and academic approaches provides for a rich intercultural and academic learning experience.

Programs are available in all regions of the world; Latin America including Central and South America; Europe including East and West; Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Each program has been carefully selected by Lynn University CLA staff for its overall quality and service to program participants. Programs are available both in English and in non-English language for those with language facility, and there are programs heavily focused on language acquisition for those trying to acquire advanced language skills. Programs are open to all Lynn University students subject to individual program requirements.

Programs also include virtually all disciplines; liberal arts, humanities, science and technology and business administration. Picking the “right” program will be different for every student, and the goal of the study abroad advisors in the CLA is to guide you through the application and enrollment process. In general, students can go abroad during J-term and summer during their second and third years at Lynn, and for a semester sometime between their sophomore year and the first half of their senior year. "Junior Year Abroad", the term often given to study abroad historically, didn’t happen by accident. Junior year is an excellent time for students to study abroad for a full semester or a year.

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