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Getting Started

Program Types

Lynn University-Approved Programs: Participate in a program administered by an organization offering study abroad support services. The CLA pre-approves the programs before they are made available to Lynn students based on the academic rigor; health, safety and security standards; and student life support services.

Lynn University Faculty-Led Programs: Participate in a program administered by Lynn University and taught by a Lynn University professor.

Create an Online Account

Before you are able to study abroad, you must create an online study abroad profile so you can communicate with study abroad advisors, receive invitations to information sessions and presentations, and make the Center for Learning Abroad aware of your interest in study abroad. Click on Create Account, fill in the relevant fields and choose a secure Password for your account. Fill in all the profile sections listed (Academic Info., Program Preferences, Current Address, etc.).
Once your profile is completed, you will be able to:
(a) ask questions about study abroad program details
(b) apply for a program

Find a Study Abroad Program

You can find study abroad programs through the interactive world map or search by categories using the Advanced Search function. By using the Advanced Search function, You have the choice of searching programs by the Program Type, Country, City, Provider, Term, Major, Subject, or by Keyword. You can search by one of the search criteria or all; however for the best results we suggest limiting your criteria.

Programs by Country

To search for a program by country, use the clickable world map, which breaks out regions and countries and lists study abroad programs. By selecting a world region, the map zooms in and shows the different countries in that region where there are available study abroad programs. You can select a country either from the list on the left or by clicking on it on the map. Selecting a country will take you to that country's description page, where you can find information about the country and the available study abroad programs on the bottom of the page. Clicking on a specific program will take you to a program's description page where you can learn more about the study abroad program.
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