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The J-term is a specially-designed educational component that accentuates and fosters the spirit of innovation that distinguishes the Lynn experience. The Center for Learning Abroad (CLA) offers students the opportunity to participate in intensive learning experiences outside the traditional academic setting through off-campus programs.
The following programs are being offered for J-Term 2019:

NOTE: Dates listed are the dates the program begins and ends in the destination country. Depending on the program destination, students may need to begin travel the day before the date listed to arrive on the program start date.
COSTA RICA - Ciudad Colon
Citizenship Project + Spanish Language and Culture
Dates: Jan. 1 - Jan. 19, 2019
Price: $4,250
DJCP 100: Applying Social Responsibility (2 credits) + DJLC 200: Spanish Language and Culture (2 credits)
Learn and implement tools to help our global community thrive including empathy, social awareness and mediation skills. Practice Spanish language skills, connect directly with local organizations in Costa Rica and develop a plan of engagement to implement upon return to the United States.

COSTA RICA - Ciudad Colon
Career Preparation + Spanish Language and Culture
Dates: Jan.1 - Jan. 19, 2019
Price: $4,250 
DJCE 250: Social Enterprise (2 credits) + DJLC 200: Spanish Language and Culture (2 credits)
Meld "working for the betterment of society" and "private enterprise" with a course that will make you think as a social entrepreneur. Through the courses you will not only get to experience actual working cases in Costa Rica of social entrepreneurship but also improve your Spanish language skills.

Citizenship Project + Spanish Language and Culture
Dates: Jan. 2 - Jan. 20, 2019
Price: $3,250
DJCP 100: Community Partnership (2 credits) + DJLC 200: Spanish Language and Culture (2 credits)
Study the keys to effectively serving others. Learn the value of gaining community awareness for the area you hope to serve, including its culture, language, needs, available resources and the challenges it faces.


FRANCE - Paris
French Language and Culture

Dates: Jan. 3 - Jan. 18, 2019
Price: $2,745
DJLC 200: French Language and Culture (3 credits)
Escape the "ennui" (feeling of boredom) of an on-campus course and dive head-first into Paris. Explore world-renowned museums and iconic landmarks. Lose yourself in conversation at a quaint café or at the dinner table with a Parisian family.

ITALY - Florence
Italian Language and Culture

Dates: Jan. 3 - Jan. 19, 2019
Price: $2,800
DJLC 200: Italian Language and Culture in Florence, Italy (3 credits)
Live and learn in the birthplace of the Renaissance. The epicenter for political thought, art and culture throughout the Middle Ages, Florence was home to some of the most recognizable thinkers and artists of the day including Machiavelli, Michelangelo and da Vinci.

Italian Language and Culture + Spring Semester
Dates: Jan. 3 - May 2019
Lynn University tuition and room and room Special Offer - J-term free!
DJLC 200: Italian Language and Culture (3 credits) + Spring Semester (12-18 credits)
Come for J-term, stay for the spring! Students studying abroad at the Florence University of the Arts for both J-term and the spring semester will receive J-term tuition and accommodations free of charge. Experience more of Florence for less!


JAPAN - Tokyo
Japanese Language and Culture

Dates: Dec. 30, 2018 - Jan. 19, 2019
Price: $4,995
DJLC 200: Japanese Language and Culture in Tokyo, Japan (2 credits)
Travel to the land of the rising sun with Lynn professor Dr. Mark Luttio. Born and raised in Japan, Professor Luttio will be the cultural bridge between Eastern and Western philosophies. Gain insight into the language, customs and traditions of the Japanese people.


SPAIN - Seville
Spanish Language and Culture

Dates: Jan. 2 - Jan. 23, 2019
Price: $3,600
DJLC 200: Spanish Language and Culture in Seville, Spain (2 credits)
Discover the origins of Spanish exploration and the influence of Spain's imperial power on the flowered streets of Seville. Contemplate the role of religion, politics, art and music on Andalusian culture while studying the world's third most spoken language.

To find out more or apply to a program please click on the link for the specific course code. Also, please feel free to contact us.

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