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CLA Correspondent Scholarship

Application Deadline - September 15

The Center for Learning Abroad (CLA) Correspondent Scholarship offers Lynn students studying communication, film and television, multimedia journalism or related fields the opportunity to go “on assignment” with a CLA off-campus program. CLA Correspondents will travel alongside their peers to document the destinations and important events that take place during the program. They’ll apply the knowledge and skills they’ve obtained in the classroom to:
  • develop stories
  • photograph and film activities
  • interview student participants and/or locals
  • report on the program through a variety of media

CLA Correspondent Scholarships are available to student applicants for participation in designated off-campus programs each January term. Designated programs are determined by CLA staff, and the CLA Correspondent applicants will indicate their program preference from the designated destinations for the current J-Term. 

CLA Correspondent Responsibilities
Prior to the start of term:

  • enroll in COM 399 - Issues in Communication for the spring term
  • work with an assigned faculty member in the College of International Communication (CIC) to propose themes/areas of focus for work to be completed during the program
  • research the destination and off-campus course objectives to begin developing potential storylines

During the J-Term:

  • interview, photograph, video record and report on events and locations as assigned
  • send work to the assigned faculty member periodically for assessment and tips for improvement
During the Spring semester:
  • compile and edit footage, photographs and interviews completed while on assignment
  • produce the required videos for the course as determined by the assigned faculty member
  • submit videos to the assigned faculty member and the CLA by the established deadlines

Final Videos
As part of the required coursework, each CLA Correspondent will produce videos that tell the study abroad story by reporting on compelling topics, issues, and/or events that took place as part of the off-campus program experience.

Selection Process
The scholarship is awarded to deserving Lynn University students who show motivation, dedication and excellence in such fields as communication, film and television and multimedia journalism. Due to the nature of this assignment, award recipients will be selected based on their ability, comfort level and dedication to media communication. CLA Correspondents must have experience in film or video, print and digital media. They must be self-motivated, punctual and eager to learn.

Once all scholarship applications have been received, the CLA staff will work with the assigned CIC faculty member and the Office of Marketing and Communication to rank the applicants and determine the best-qualified student to receive the CLA Correspondent Scholarship. The award recipient will be assigned to a designated off-campus program and notified via email two weeks after the application deadline for the term. If an award recipient is unable or unwilling to participate, the next highest ranked applicant will be awarded the scholarship.

Scholarship Amount
The CLA Correspondent Scholarship provides $TBD toward the cost of a designated off-campus program.

Scholarship Eligibility
Scholarship applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • full-time, undergraduate student with at least 75 credits
  • 3.0 minimum GPA
  • must have completed the following courses*:
    • COM 150 Film Production or COM 145 Television Production
    • COM 214 Journalism II
    • COM 227 Videography
    • COM 255 Film and Video Editing
  • must be in good social standing at Lynn University

*Students who have not completed all of the above mentioned classes but possess the necessary skills and are highly recommended by a CIC faculty member are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply
Scholarship applicants must complete and submit the following by the application deadline:

Application Submission
All application materials listed under the "How to apply" section must be submitted to the CLA in person and/or via email ( by September 15.

The CLA is located in the Lynn Student Center outside of the Elmore Dining Commons.

Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered.

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