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How to Apply


You have begun your journey on the road to studying abroad. Below you will find helpful information on how to apply. However if you have questions, the best thing to do is ask your Study Abroad Advisor! Contact us here.

Application Process

The application process is relatively simple and yes it is also step by step! Below find specific information on the steps that students take within the process.


Step 1: Apply to a program

The first step in the application process is for the student to identify the program that is the best fit and helps them reach their academic and professional goals. Once a student has decided on a program, search the program on our website and click the blue “apply” button at the bottom of the country’s page.


Step 2: Fill out form 1. Lynn Program Application

This form is relatively easy. The student will need to fill out all of the fields with an asterisk (*). Most of the information is about the student, but we also ask for emergency contact information!   


Step 3: Fill out form 2. Advisor Course Pre-Approval

This form is the one that takes the most time. Students should receive an email from their study abroad advisor informing them to go meet with the specified faculty advisor within their college. We connect students with faculty program coordinators who have in-depth working knowledge of the students degree curriculum in order to facilitate the course selection process, helping students understand how to stay on track to graduate. Once they meet with the faculty program coordinator, the student will send us the list of courses they selected and we will complete the Course Pre-Approval form and send it to the appropriate College Dean for review and approval. Once the CLA receives the signed form, it is uploaded to the student’s abroad office account, and students can always login and access the forms under application form 2. Advisor Course Pre-Approval.


Step 4: Fill out form 3. Program Deposit Verification

For full semester and J-term programs, students must pay a non-refundable $500 program deposit. The fee is then applied to the overall cost of the program (it is not in addition to the program fee), however it is non-refundable should the student choose not to participate. The student will need to pay the $500 to Student Financial Services (either online through ebill or in person) and then click the button within their AbroadOffice portal for verification. Please make sure to pay your deposit BEFORE you send the notification.


Step 5: Fill out form 4. Student Affairs Verification

This form simply requires that the student click the “send notification” button. The Case Manager with the Dean of Students is notified, completes the form, and automatically sends it back to the CLA.  No other action is required by the student for this form once they click “send notification”.


Step 6: Fill out Enrollment forms

There are nine enrollment forms that must be filled out before the student is able to go abroad. They allow students to be informed of and agree to Lynn’s policies, and other forms include a passport copy, health information, a flight itinerary, and the final payment verification. 

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